UFOria - New UFOria and UFOria XA - The Ultimate All-Mountain Carvers


The goal of the UFOria project was to create the ultimate all-mountain experience by combining the radical technology of the Anton Active Suspension with a new runner profile designed to perform under the widest range of conditions and terrain.

Skiing Characteristics of the UFOria models:

The UFOria models define a new benchmark for the term "All-Mountain Carver" as they have the uncanny combination of being soft flexing and easy to ski yet incredibly powerful and precise. The new all-mountain profile provides a very stable and controllable platform in an extremely wide range of conditions and terrain. Additionally, when on groomed terrain, the unique geometry and Active Suspension allow the UFOria to turn and carve like nothing you have ever experienced.

The Active Suspension of all UFOria models are individually custom optimized to each skiers' profile and can accommodate a diversity of abilities from intermediate to expert, as well as an extremely wide range of skier's weight and style.

Features and Specifications of the UFOria models:

Custom Active Suspension – with DTC (Direct Torsion Connection) and RDS (Rebound Damping System).
The primary tip and tail composite suspension springs and the secondary dual forward and rear progressive flex springs are custom configured to a skier's ability, style and weight. In addition, for future flexibility, these custom suspension components can be easily changed for fine-tuning of skiing characteristics. (See Home Page for full list of features)

Premium construction, wood core, wrap-around edges, proprietary flex and profile specific to the Anton Active Suspension
162 cm 127 – 78 – 116 11.2 M sidecut radius (About length: The Anton Active Suspension gives the UFOria the feel and stability of a 175-180cm non- suspension ski)

Premium Rossignol Axium type (Basic UFOria – for UFOria XA see below)

Additional Features of the UFOria XA:

Special Lightweight Chassis – The special UFOria XA chassis incorporates a slightly more aggressive suspension geometry and goes through an extra operation where a unique oval pattern is individually machined into the aircraft alloy to create an even lighter weight part as well as to accommodate the Dual Flex Adjuster mechanism. This process also results in a unique aerospace aesthetic.

Dual Flex Adjusters – While the front and rear Progressive Flex Springs in the chassis of the standard model UFOria are interchangeable and can be optimized for a wide range of performance characteristics, the UFOria XA features unique Dual Flex Adjusters that can be easily dialed to dramatically change the performance characteristics of the UFOria from a supple, relaxed cruiser to a stiff high-performance GS racer and everything in-between..

Vist Premium Binding – The UFOria XA includes a special ultra lightweight Vist performance binding that in combination with the special XA chassis, provides an extra wide range of forward/aft placement that allow skiers to easily fine tune fore/aft boot position to personal preference.

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