Anton Skis Reviews

SAM BASS - Skiing Magazine Senior Editor & Director of Skiing's gear testing program:

That glued-to-the-snow sensation only increased as I turned up the volume.

The edges simply could not be bucked off their arcs.

The ride was smooth, mellow, and easy—very easy.

Experts will love tearing down groomers and bumps on these marvels of engineering.

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CLAUDIA CARBONE - Ski & Travel Journalist Women Skiing and Sports:

Of all the skis I demoed at the SIA on-snow show at Winter Park, the most fun was the Anton, a brand new ski with a built-in suspension system like your car, absorbing all the shock.

It has an unbelievable way of hugging the snow so you are always in control and able to initiate turns like never before.

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This ski is unique; there is absolutely nothing like it.

The Antons feel like flying when skied appropriately and there is no ski made that is quicker. That includes all World Cup slaloms and everything else.

A slice of carving Heaven. It can help level 8 skiers reach level 9 rapidly.

Innovation of the Year!

WAYNE WONG - World Champion Freestyle Skier, Canadian Ski Hall Of Fame:

I have been waiting to see the next technological breakthrough in skiing since the parabolic/shape ski. This is it!

The Anton Active Suspension System is so revolutionary that it is going to make us rethink how a typical ski is designed and how it performs.

The system is very forgiving, yet dynamic in performance, allowing beginner to advanced skiers to benefit immensely from this technology.

MORTEN LUND - Author (The Skiers Bible, etc), Former Editor at SKI Magazine, Sports Illustrated, and many others:

Produced a "Wow, I never did this before!" feeling, that rare occurrence of suddenly skiing at the next level up.

This is a stunning result coming from a stunning engineering achievement.

Makes initiating a carved turn pretty effortless by comparison to any shaped ski now on the market.

SETH MASIA - Former Tech Editor, SKI Magazine

After a day or two on Anton Gliders, terminal intermediates can leap-frog up to expert level carving.

Turned reasonably firm surface into a powder experience for me.

It requires little or no energy to roll up on edge.

On Anton Gliders, an unskilled skier literally cannot make a mistake in stance.

MARTIN BELL - 4-Time Olympian Ski Racer, Ski Coach, Media Sports & Equipment Editor:

Every edging movement of the ski boot is translated immediately to the ski tip, making the Anton Gliders incredibly responsive.

The Gliders can also be a way of creating a new breakthrough for skiers who have been cruising around on the "intermediate plateau" for years.

You do get what you pay for; in this case, radical technology, which totally changes the way in which skis perform.

SHAUN SUTNER - Worcester Telegram & Gazette:

These things are just awesome. I felt like all I had to do was wiggle my toes and both skis carved miraculously smooth arcs.

It took little effort, and it was easy on the body. That's the point of this product: to make carving accessible to the masses.

MITCH KAPLAN - Snow East Magazine, Bergen County Record, etc:

This ski induced a World Cup feeling. It carved, even on the iciest trails.

You really can feel like an accomplished skier after a few runs.

This actually could be a ski-design revolution.


The unique shape and dual-action full suspension system of the Anton Gliders deliver exceptional performance and stability, almost instantly.

These new skis do not require the strength, speed, precise balance or any of the special athletic techniques typically associated with downhill skiing.

They will be great for beginner to advanced skiers and skiers with bad knees.

From a Test/Review By S1AM Posted on EXOTICSKIS.COM:

The most torsionally rigid ski I have ever layed over. The result is a trench digging powerhouse.

These things hold an edge like few other skis.

It is almost unnerving how easily turns are initiated on the Gliders.

The Anton doesn't require any muscle to turn in, all you need to do is subtly shift your weight and you are launched into your turn. Somehow this happens without the ski feeling twitchy.

I have tried other skis and ski/binding systems that claimed to offer adjustable stiffness. The Antons are far and away the most effective at achieving this goal.

A truly remarkable ski.

From a Test/Review By TFAVRO Posted on EXOTICSKIS.COM:

This system rocks and is completely innovative. I started out on setting 9 (and was taking it carefully because of my skepticism. I was on Super Star head wall @ Killington) It was groomed hard snow and I was thinking these will never work, they are too short, and I am going to die. turn, nice carve, second turn, real nice carve. Pick up the speed and carve,carve,carve! Nice linked turns, and I forgot about how short they were!

So I ripped the rest of Super Star and realized, these work and work incredibly. The next run I cranked them down to 20 and off we go, fast and furious on a little ski with a really cool suspension system. It works, It flies. It is absolutely tuneable to any ability.

Awesome works. Its brilliant thinking.

TRACIE MAX SACHS - World Champion Speed Skier –Fastest American Female Skier:

You can adjust the skis to your style, the snow conditions, and the trail type.

One pair can become a different ski on different settings. That shows the versatility of the skis. I like the fact that you can make the tail soft and the tip harder, for example.

The Carbon EX is definitely good for the East – I have been on many pairs of skis, and with these you know it's great for Eastern skiing.

It was fun ... definitely ... really fun.

The Following Are Exerpts From a Full Test and Review by ERIC EDELSTEIN, EXOTICSKIS.COM:

This ski is like nothing I have skied just have to try them.

They are really, really cool to hold and examine up close. They are a real high-tech work of art. Tech junkies will drool over them.


This system is truly adjustable and has a profound effect upon the ski's behavior and works as advertised.

You get 20 different settings - on the forebody and the tail section! That means you can tune the behavior of these things like nothing else I have ever seen...and I have seen pretty much all the gimmicks in the ski industry over the last 40 years.

I think the world has its first "real" adjustable ski.


No roll of the ankle, no roll of the knee, no shift of the hips, no shift of your shoulders, no shift of your hands...just tip your toe or merely put a pound more weight on one ski than the other to start a turn.

A beginner on a firm packed surface could learn carving in no time flat.


This is what I would call a very friendly "extreme carver". You could put your Grandmother on these and she would love them on the groomers.

No speed requirements or limitations. Great grip, great turns.

Don't be fooled, however. Grandma might like them just fine, but a rowdy frontside skier will cut some great arcs with these things simply by turning up the tension adjustments.

Even the experts will find the GTs really really FUN.

ERIC EDELSTEIN, EXOTICSKIS.COM On The Adjustability of the Carbon EX:

We both found the EX had suddenly changed its personality into a serious GS-like race carver that just ripped. Very cool ride. Complete personality change.

These are the first "adjustable flex" skis I have every tried that really change when you twiddle the adjusters! Finally. It only took 20 years for someone to pull it off.

Really cool for expert carvers, but adjustable so anyone could really enjoy them.

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