Anton Skis Innovation - The World's First Active Suspension Ski


The Anton Active Suspension applies consistent pressure on the tip and tail providing extraordinary stability and control. The Antons make carving effortless and skiers report less fatigue on the knees and body. In addition, independent front and rear progressive flex adjusters give the UFOria XA multiple personalities. Dial in a forgiving cruiser or rip it up with a stiff racer.


The basic design of the traditional ski dates back over a thousand years and depends on soft natural snow or powder that compresses under the ski to provide the tip-to-tail contact and pressure that is critical for stability and control.

A dramatic transition on ski slopes began in the 1950's with grooming and now all groomed recreational ski slopes and race courses no longer have the vital soft snow or powder that compresses and conforms to the base of the ski. Thus the critical pressure and contact at the tip and tail is continually lost, and with it, stability and control. The snow changed dramatically but the ski didn't.

If the snow can no longer conform to the ski, then the ski must continually conform to the snow for stability and control to be regained and maintained. Enter the Anton Active Suspension: the world's first ski that continually conforms to the snow. The Anton Active Suspension acts like Virtual Powder™ - a consistent feeling with the snow from tip to tail.

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